“SonicPLUS” is a speaker package for each exclusive vehicle model, achieving clear sounds with an easy and certain installation reducing sound leakage.

“ SonicPLUS ” speaker package is optimized for each vehicle model by a unique and high quality sound technology. Easy and certain exchange attachment could be done without damaging the interior, and you could easily enjoy the clear sound only Sonic Design could create. “SonicPLUS” is the simplest and the most evolved car speaker exchanging plan utilizing the function of the genuine audio, also canceling sound leakage to the outside of a vehicle.

Achieve clear sounds with the unique technology

With the originally development enclosure integrated style, which made the back of the high-performance speaker airtight, “SonicPLUS” achieved a clear sound controlling the source and echo. You could even hear the vocal's breathing or the handling of a guitar, which would make you feel as if the player is performing live right in front of you.

Easy and certain installation by the exclusive designs for each vehicle model.

“SonicPLUS” was exclusively designed for each vehicle model with careful inspections of the sound quality and the installation. As well as optimizing the sounds according to the body structure, it is designed to fit into the position where the genuine speaker was removed. Therefor the easy and certain installation is possible in a short time. Also, no anti-vibration process is necessary, so you could install the speaker without damaging the interior.

Shutting-off sound leakage to the outside of vehicle

The enclosure integrated style to achieve clear sounds made the back of the speaker airtight, which shut-off most of the sound leakage to the outside of the vehicle. Worrisome sound leakage of music, radio and a hands free calls could be avoided.

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